3 Clear Signs That You Need an AV Upgrade

3 Clear Signs That You Need an LA AV Upgrade

For a long time, AV systems that were workable were good enough all over LA. Meetings and presentations with technology issues were all too common. The goal was basic functionality and not much more for most AV systems. But not anymore. Shelter in place, travel restrictions, and social distancing due to the global pandemic made AV technology essential. So, now is the time to shift the focus onto an LA AV update. Moving forward with outdated components, equipment, and systems is not going to work. But are there telltale signs that it is time to update an AV system? Yes, there are.

1. Display Downtime Dilemmas in LA

An LA AV update will help solve digital display and monitor problems. For example, visible issues with your displays like flickering, freezing, and flashing. In addition, constant buffering and slow load images and video are common problems plaguing displays in LA boardrooms and classrooms displays. Excruciatingly slow-loading images and videos wreak havoc on an organization’s morale and optics. Unfortunately, these frustrating issues will not fix themselves. They are sure to get worse with the increasing demand for virtual meetings. But Visual Symphony can solve your LA AV display problems.

A problematic display during Zoom meetings, web conferencing, or video conferencing is no longer an option. Trust the most experienced AV services company near me, Vizual Symphony, for an affordable fix. Whether faulty AV hardware, an inadequate network connection, or outdated software is the cause, our experts will root it out. Vizual Symphony is the AV integrator you want for audio-visual updates and project planning. Our team includes expert integrators, designers, and engineers.

2. Digital Signage AV Malfunctions

When a house of worship, museum, school, or business relies on digital signage, display functionality is critical. Unfortunately, display malfunctions, no matter how minor, destroy credibility and kill audience confidence. Are you ready to revive your reputation for reliable messaging with an LA AV update? Then, it is not too late to let Visual Symphony make digital signage work for you again. To create an audio-visual solution for your LA corporation, school, museum, church, or municipality, you need expert advice. But that is not all.

Digital signage solutions and AV integration in LA require customization. Custom components, equipment, and technology come together in custom digital signage systems. So, the AV integrator you select for a digital signage LA AV update is critical. They must have the knowledge and experience to design and update systems that work together. Without extensive AV guidance, it is easy to invest in AV components that do not integrate well. Or even worse, technology that is obsolete too soon after installation. With Vizual Symphony LA AV update planning, components collaborate well with one another.

3. Audio Inconsistencies Indicate The Need for an Update

Display problems are a clear indicator of aging AV. However, visual indicators are not the only way to see that an LA AV update is necessary. There are also audio signs that say an upgrade is a sound idea. For example, intermittent outages, inconsistent quality, low volume, feedback, and echoing are common audio fails. Working with a capable audio-visual systems integrator makes it easy to take advantage of current audio innovations. Vizual Symphony is the best AV audio specialist for custom sound solutions.

The LA AV Services Company for Your System Update

As an AV integrator for over twenty years, Visual Symphony, is the leading choice for local LA AV services. We also have the resources, partnerships, knowledge, and ability for effective AV updating. Please consider speaking to an AV integration consultant about an audio-visual update. There is one way to avoid common technology pitfalls. And that is to plan your AV technology update alongside proven experts. We are the technology partner for successful LA AV updates and upgrades.