Welcome Centers

When Welcome Centers update AV it revolutionizes the visitor experience. Engage, attract, and inform with innovative audiovisual technology system design from Vizual Symphony for your welcome center.

Welcome Centers need to engage visitors, and audiovisual integration is the way to captivate your audience. AV allows your welcome center to perform more efficiently, customize services for visitors, and create an inviting space people like to visit.

When you want to reach your audience in the most effective method possible, the solution is digital signage from Vizual Symphony. Posters and other forms of signage are rarely able to win in the battle for attention against social media and other smartphone activities.

Take a walk around a public place (or really anywhere), and you will quickly notice people are looking down at their phones. It’s going to take a smartly-designed digital sign to make an impact and deliver your message in a way they will notice.

Let our Vizual Symphony team help you to trade your lackluster posters and signs for attention-grabbing pixels to create a statement with high impact visuals.

What Is Digital Signage?

You can’t drive down the interstate, head to the airport, or even visit a public school anymore without encountering a digital sign.

The signage technology includes:

• LCD • Projection • Video • LEDs • Digital Marquees

These signs can change with the click of a button and effectively engage and inform your target audience in ways that old fashioned signage cannot.

Nearly every type of business and organization has caught on to the ease and effectiveness of digital signs—from museums, hotels, and restaurants to retail stores, corporate buildings, and stadiums. What’s more, this is a cost effective and environmentally responsible alternative to using print media.

You likely do not go a single day without gathering information from a digital sign. So why would you try to run your business or organization without one?

It’s time to connect with Vizual Symphony to discover how simple it can be to use digital signage to boost your business and spread your message.

Why Vizual Symphony?

Our company has been meeting the audio/visual needs of businesses, organizations, and educational institutions for more than 30 years. At Vizual Symphony, you can count on a professional, customized plan for your digital signage. We work closely with you to identify your target market, and your message’s purpose, and then design the sign that will bring your messages to life.

With all of the technology available, it can be more than overwhelming for business owners to figure out what is right for their sign needs. Why not let the experts take care of the details for you? We have a streamlined system in place to plan, design, create, and display. Whether you know exactly what you want or don’t have a clue, the Vizual Symphony team will make the entire process hassle-free for you.

Digital Signage for Any Budget at Vizual Symphony

Are you worried about how much new digital signage will cost your business? We have good news for you. At Vizual Symphony, we have a variety of new pricing options and can connect you with third party financing to meet your vision and your budget.

If having the funds upfront to purchase the signage seems too difficult, you have options to set up monthly payments from your operating budget. Plus, we offer a unique “How to Buy” option. It’s similar to leasing, but different! You’ll be able to finance your purchase in a way that allows you to make an affordable monthly payment and always receive automatic system upgrades for your products when they become available. Our team will be happy to walk you through the details, so you can determine if it’s right for your situation.

In addition to affordable purchase options, your new Vizual Symphony digital signage is a cost-effective choice when you compare it to repeatedly purchasing new signs for various purposes. You can change your digital sign to share different messages depending on your current need.

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Customer Reviews

Vizual Symphony is very responsive to our needs. They are knowledgeable and resourceful. They accommodate our class schedules for installations and put in the extra effort to make sure we are 100% satisfied.

CSU Technical Director

Vizual Symphony is a company that listens. I can count on them to provide the solutions that best meet my objectives.

LAUSD Technical Director and Certified Apple Teacher

Across the board, I’ve found the folks at Vizual Symphony care about my needs. They work hard to provide good service, which speaks volumes about their actions and their attitudes. So when it came time to look at vendors for new installations, it was easy for us to put them at the top of the list.

Southern California Christian University

I would like to personally thank you as you did an amazing job by providing us with after-hours support that was over and above any vendor support … the time spent on the phone trying to troubleshoot the issue and when we confirmed the problem you went late at night to check on what’s available for a temporary replacement … I asked if a technician could come early in the morning with the parts, but you didn’t want to take chances and decided to drive to LCHS at 10:15pm. Thanks for all your sincere help and support !!!

La Cañada Unified School District

“This was a wonderful experience working with Vizual Symphony. They made this a painless process.  We appreciated their promptness.”

Creative Pastor, Maricopa Arizona Church