20 Years of Bringing Our Clients’ Ideas in Focus with Audiovisual Innovation

At Vizual Symphony, Inc. we are celebrating our 20th anniversary!! Since 2001, we’ve been dedicated to providing innovative audio and visual products and installation to help our clients become leaders in their industries.

This year marks 20 years of Vizual Symphony meeting our clients’ audiovisual needs with innovation, personalized customer service, and the latest in AV technology. Since 2001, Founder and CEO, Susan Holguin, and her team have worked diligently to create technology-filled spaces that are sustainable, effective, and easy-to-use.

We know this is just the beginning, and we have so many more clients to serve in our future. Still, it’s always a good thing to take the time to reflect on how we started and where we have been throughout the years, as well as what our goals are for the future.

Strong Client and Vendor Relationships Since the Beginning

When Vizual Symphony launched in 2001, clients chose us even though we were small because we made personalized service a priority and always followed through on every project. We’ve maintained our commitment to attentive customer service through the years and count our strong relationships with both clients and vendors as hallmarks of our business.

When we started, there were still overhead projectors and VCR’s! That dates us, but it also shows how this industry has evolved. We have seen how AV and IT have merged and how digital “everything” is now the standard.

Through this transformation, we have learned and grown along with the technology. Our customers have relied on us to stay attune to the changes and to keep advancing our skills and expertise. This is what keeps this industry interesting and relevant to us and our clients.

The key, though, is still rooted in the relationships. The technology can evolve and improve, but it falls flat if we don’t honor and service our customers and partners. We have many customers who have been with us since day one, and many referrals that have been built on these core customers.

Thousands of A/V Projects with Hundreds of Clients

During the past two decades, our team has completed thousands of audiovisual projects and served hundreds of clients, and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. We’ve had to navigate two recessions and, of course, a pandemic, along with drastic changes in technology over the years. But with our loyal Vizual Symphony team members and vendors, we’ve been able to keep our services effective and relevant throughout the many changes.

We also can’t forget to thank our valued clients! Everything we do is to bring your ideas in focus, and it has been an honor to serve you with the highest quality AV technology solutions and services. We look forward to the future to share even more innovations and grow our partnerships in the years to come.

Serving a Wide Range of Clients with Customized Solutions

Over the years, our clients have included corporations, educational institutions, municipalities, houses of worship, and museums. We carefully assess each client’s target market and organizational goals through the personalized consultancy process and custom design AV solutions to meet specific needs and budgets. We then perform expert installation and offer ongoing professional support.

Some of our most popular AV solutions include:

It’s been incredibly rewarding for us to see our clients become leaders in their industries as they gain a competitive edge with the latest in AV technology solutions.

Churches have been able to connect with members remotely.
– Business leadership teams have maintained unity and synergy during statewide lockdowns.
– Organizations have provided much-needed virtual resources and support to people when they needed it most.
– Schools have been able to not only maintain but enhance their students’ learning from a distance during a worldwide pandemic.

At Vizual Symphony, we love what we do, and it drives us daily. Being able to create these crucial partnerships will continue to benefit our communities and our world.

Full-Service Audiovisual Technology Solutions to Meet Your Needs Today

Even as we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, we remain focused on your business or organizational AV needs right this minute. How can we help you better serve your customers through optimal, customized audiovisual technology?

From consultation, design, and hardware to installations, upgrades, and replacements, we will be here when you need us. Let us handle all the details and provide the training and support necessary to enhance your business operations.

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