When you sign up for our Vizual Shield managed services program, you will experience how we personalize services to meet your individual needs.

In a world of cookie-cutter services and impersonal, big box stores, the idea of personalization may seem like a foreign concept. At Vizual Symphony, we have made it one of our specialties and a core component of our Vizual Shield managed services program.

From the first consultation with our team, you will begin to see that our team is committed to learning all there is to know about your organization and your audience as well as your AV challenges and goals. We go beyond having you fill out an intake form like other companies might do. Instead, we take the time to learn all the ins and outs of what you do in order to provide the kind of personalization to make your business even more efficient and successful.

How the Vizual Shield AVaaS Program Enhances Personalization

Vizual Shield takes all the guesswork out of getting, installing, and maintaining the equipment you need, and offers a higher-level of personalization that you simply won’t find through any other AV provider. Perhaps your AV needs change over time and you discover you require add-ons and new technology to be competitive in your industry. Vizual Shield makes this possible.

The program is built on flexibility, affordability, and convenience. After all, the way people buy and use technology has changed drastically over the years. Why would AV services remain stagnant? In some cases, owning technology can prevent you from being agile in the market because it lacks that flexibility and can bottleneck your growth.

Putting the focus on outcomes, access, and tech usage—all the while being able to upgrade and adjust your technology as needed—will provide you with a unique advantage. AVaaS makes it easier to personalize your AV needs to grow and evolve your technology as your organization grows and evolves. 

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What Does VS Personalization Look Like? 

We can go on and on about the benefits of personalization for your AV technology. However, sometimes it helps to consider real-life examples to get a clearer picture of how this will work for your business. Here are some scenarios illustrating how we personalize our services:

  • Your church is fortunate to have many volunteers; you set up the AV equipment and train the current volunteer staff on how to use it. Six months later, there’s a whole new crew of volunteers who don’t have a clue how to run the equipment. We will come in and stay involved throughout the life cycle of the AV purchase. You can always count on our proactive assistance during these situations—and they happen often for organizations and businesses in all industries.
  • Your business is working hard to keep up with the local competition. You realize the AV technology that worked great for two years could really use another upgrade. When you work with our VS team…we would have already been involved in the process, anticipating the need, and planning an additional upgrade.
  • Your university already has AV services, but then discovers you want remote management in a classroom and monitoring to alert the proper leadership of any issues. As part of your Vizual Shield managed services, we will be there to integrate the technology you need quickly and seamlessly, with minimal disruption to your classrooms.
  • Your museum has a big special event on the calendar and you want to be certain all of your technology for presentations, videos, and interactive exhibits runs perfectly. We will send one of our VS team members to be on-site during the event to provide expert assistance.
  • Your organization doesn’t have the finances in place to have an AV department, but audio-visual technology is essential to what you do. Vizual Symphony can act as an extended AV department throughout the life cycle of your purchase.

It’s Time to Experience AV Services Customized to Meet Your Needs

No need to settle for cookie-cutter AV services that won’t evolve with you as your organization grows and changes. Contact our Vizual Symphony team today to set up your free consultation and find out how beneficial our personalized services can be.

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