Multi-purpose Theaters

There are many aspects to consider when designing an effective Multi-Purpose Space.

You need a trusted advisor that  has brought hundreds of spaces alive with the unique combination of Audio, Video, Control and Lighting

The A/V for Multi-Purpose Spaces needs to satisfy all of the uses, users and user experiences

It is important to uncover all of the various uses of the room.  Many times the rooms are used in various layouts, with different sized groups, panel discussions, performances, events, etc.

The time we spend in the design and discovery phase to uncover all of the considerations helps ensure an effective multi-use space that meets the needs for years to come.

Who will Operate the Technology?

This is a key question that is important to address.  The answer can be multi-faceted.  Let’s say that for large audiences, there will be an in-person technician who will be there as a point person for the presenter(s).

These type of events can include many elements like switching video, adjusting microphones, and creating lighting scenes.  But what about when there is a simple presentation, and all that is needed is to connect a laptop and turn on the display?  

At Vizual Symphony we will help you explore what the options are and set you up to be ready for what your space and team require.

What about Lighting?

Lighting can help illuminate the presenter, create scenes, and add effects. We can help assess your current lighting and propose ideas to improve the presentation or recording experience.

Do you need Furniture?

We can offer furniture to compliment your A/V project.  Furniture can be permanent, portable and multi-functional.  Examples include presenter podiums, tables, chairs, and lounge furniture.

Are you looking for a Turnkey System?

We specialize in designing and delivering complete systems.  You don’t need to worry about the cables to connect your device, or hire a separate electrician.  We will discuss your needs and your resources and provide what is needed for a complete turnkey system.

Ready to Bring Your Audio Visual Ideas in Focus?

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Customer Reviews

Vizual Symphony is very responsive to our needs. They are knowledgeable and resourceful. They accommodate our class schedules for installations and put in the extra effort to make sure we are 100% satisfied.

CSU Technical Director

Vizual Symphony is a company that listens. I can count on them to provide the solutions that best meet my objectives.

LAUSD Technical Director and Certified Apple Teacher

Across the board, I’ve found the folks at Vizual Symphony care about my needs. They work hard to provide good service, which speaks volumes about their actions and their attitudes. So when it came time to look at vendors for new installations, it was easy for us to put them at the top of the list.

Southern California Christian University

I would like to personally thank you as you did an amazing job by providing us with after-hours support that was over and above any vendor support … the time spent on the phone trying to troubleshoot the issue and when we confirmed the problem you went late at night to check on what’s available for a temporary replacement … I asked if a technician could come early in the morning with the parts, but you didn’t want to take chances and decided to drive to LCHS at 10:15pm. Thanks for all your sincere help and support !!!

La Cañada Unified School District

“This was a wonderful experience working with Vizual Symphony. They made this a painless process.  We appreciated their promptness.”

Creative Pastor, Maricopa Arizona Church