Discover how Vizual Symphony helped one university in California to achieve success bringing standardized technology into their classrooms, after another company tried and failed.

The Goal: To standardize technology in the university classrooms, including one main campus and six regional campuses.


The University had experienced a major setback after attempting to standardize technology in their classrooms with the help of another vender. The leadership started to wonder if they were asking too much, to integrate technology consistently throughout all of their classrooms for all of their professors and staff.

Professors were growing frustrated with the lack of consistency and reliability of technology. They were dealing with a hodgepodge of devices and systems that sometimes worked and most times did not. When they switched classrooms, they never knew exactly what kind of technology they would find. If something went down in one classroom, it was difficult to swap it out and get things running again.

What’s more, they didn’t have the necessary IT support to help them figure it all out, which often resulted in the professors and staff avoiding technology use. Clearly, not an ideal scenario for a place of higher learning!


Vizual Symphony designed a comprehensive standardized classroom set-up to integrate into all of their classrooms—10, 20, and 30 at a time. We identified their goals and provided the expert design and implementation seamlessly, so the project moved quickly and was completed ahead of schedule.

The new high-tech classrooms transformed teaching and learning. Professors and students alike knew what to expect when they entered the classroom each day and were more likely to take advantage of tech opportunities to enhance learning.

We trained the in-house tech support to manage all of the classrooms through one streamlined computer interface. They were able to use this simple system to look at all classrooms at once to identify if there was an issue with any device or if a classroom was offline.

Other services we provided:

  • Hooked them up with a manufacturer who gives reward points to help them take advantage of savings on replacement parts/repairs.
  • Scheduled regular meetings to answer questions and introduce them to new solutions and applications that may interest them
  • Served as a liaison between the client and a manufacturer to get them help when a technology product wasn’t working correctly

Since the design and integration for this university, Vizual Symphony has continued to assist with regular upgrades and updates as technology has advanced. With the right products, services, and ongoing maintenance, the classroom technology is serving the desired purpose, enhancing lectures, presentations, collaboration, and special projects.

Vizual Symphony’s Classroom Applications

With each and every classroom application, we adhere to our tagline: “ideas in focus.” Technology in the classroom must be more than just an idea if teachers and schools want to prepare students for their future careers. Our team is ready to partner with your classroom to transform learning and ensure the right technology is in place to promote a successful learning environment.

Our classroom applications include the following:

  • Video conferencing technology to promote collaboration and team-based learning
  • Active learning technology designed to put tools in students’ hands, so they can dig deeper into data collection and analysis and come together to share and discuss
  • Lecture capture technology to provide seamless video recording and replay, which enables students the ability to learn how they want, when they want, on-demand

ROI: What to Expect from Vizual Symphony Products and Services

Our educational clients understand that bringing their classroom up-to-date with the latest technology is an investment worth making. As the educational world is growing more and more competitive, schools must keep up or they may fall too far behind to find their way back.

Furthermore, today’s students are unwilling to settle for less than the latest in technology, but it can seem difficult if not impossible for many schools to afford the upgrades necessary to stay current. The good news is that Vizual Symphony has the financing and payment options in place to ensure your investment is affordable now—so you can see the tremendous return for years to come.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about our flexible payment options to meet your budget needs.

We offer third party financing and even 5-year financing with automatic system upgrades and maintenance included.

Contact us online now for a free consultation for your school or to learn more about our case studies involving Vizual Symphony’s technology applications for schools.

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Customer Reviews

Vizual Symphony is very responsive to our needs. They are knowledgeable and resourceful. They accommodate our class schedules for installations and put in the extra effort to make sure we are 100% satisfied.

CSU Technical Director

Vizual Symphony is a company that listens. I can count on them to provide the solutions that best meet my objectives.

LAUSD Technical Director and Certified Apple Teacher

Across the board, I’ve found the folks at Vizual Symphony care about my needs. They work hard to provide good service, which speaks volumes about their actions and their attitudes. So when it came time to look at vendors for new installations, it was easy for us to put them at the top of the list.

Southern California Christian University

I would like to personally thank you as you did an amazing job by providing us with after-hours support that was over and above any vendor support … the time spent on the phone trying to troubleshoot the issue and when we confirmed the problem you went late at night to check on what’s available for a temporary replacement … I asked if a technician could come early in the morning with the parts, but you didn’t want to take chances and decided to drive to LCHS at 10:15pm. Thanks for all your sincere help and support !!!

La Cañada Unified School District

“This was a wonderful experience working with Vizual Symphony. They made this a painless process.  We appreciated their promptness.”

Creative Pastor, Maricopa Arizona Church