BenQ Interactive Flat Panel Display | Classroom Germs Hate It

A Safer Touch Display For Education

The Interactive Flat Panel Display from BenQ makes the classroom a safer place to learn. As adventures in distance learning and social distancing continue, keeping students engaged is a challenge. For educators, active learning through interactive technology has never played a larger role. The trouble is interacting with touch screens, group problem solving, and active collaboration among students actively spreads germs. The thirst for new ways to teach and learn safely is palpable, and innovation has arrived.  

The Interactive Flat Panel Display from BenQ

Meet BenQ’s RP02. It is a 4K UHD 86″ Education Interactive Flat Panel Display like no other currently. The RP02 suite of seemingly unlimited features and capabilities takes a safe, seamless, entertaining classroom experience to another level. BenQ IFP takes measures to make learning environments safer. The antibacterial anti-glare glass screen, air quality sensors, and smart eye-care technology work together. This allows in-person schooling with more interaction and less risk to students’ and teachers’ health.

Antimicrobial Coating Technology

BenQ incorporated antimicrobial protective coating technology into the panel display glass to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. This non-toxic antimicrobial agent is the same type in place prohibiting cross-contamination of high-traffic surfaces in hospitals worldwide. However, the BenQ RP series display glass is a feat of engineering achieved using a proprietary process. Antimicrobial silver ionic nanoparticles coat the glass, as do anti-glare compounds to cure fusing with the glass. Special handling is required to avoid breaking each enormous sheet of glass before its integration into the interactive panel display frame.

Silver Nanoparticles Fight Germs

Medical grade touch technology for safer collaboration is just what educational systems need now. Without new advances and innovations, instructors and students will continue to spread dangerous pathogens through touch in every school. Here is where proven-to-work medical-grade antimicrobial substances, like nano-ionic silver, provide advances. Silver nanoparticles or (AgNPs) are thought to be safe and effective certified for use in medical and consumer products like surgical masks, wound bandages, biomedical devices, and more.  

 A Simple Process

Ideal Air Quality

The germ-resistant nanosilver coating on the interactive touch display limits germ growth on surfaces, significantly minimizing the spread of germs in the classroom. BenQ’s germ-fighting interactive flat panels are full of revolutionary features. For instance, they have Air Quality Sensors monitoring room temperature, humidity, and PM 2.5, and CO2 concentration level data in real-time. Maintaining an ideal environment in which students can concentrate most effectively is now possible. These air quality sensors alert teachers to make improvements when the surroundings move away from the model parameters. 

Eye Saftey Features

Along with air quality sensors, the interactive displays feature motion sensors. Upon detecting user movement close to the screen, the Smart Eye-Care solution safety features auto-start. These include the Flicker-Free LED backlight, void of the headache-causing flicker that has been around for years. Also, the Low Blue Light feature intuitively limits exposure to blue light to improve health and safety.

Cleaning The IFP

Now, a quick note on how easy the IFP is to clean. Simply wipe the areas users touch. Areas include the screen, case, tray, and pens. Wipe with a clean damp cloth moistened with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Do not use cleaners other than the above mentioned. It effectively kills both bacteria and viruses on the surfaces. When cleaning, take care not to expose the interior case electronics to moisture.

Amazing Notations For Active Learning

BenQ’s EZWrite 5 software facilitates smooth collaboration in real-time. The cloud-based whiteboard and classroom sticky notes come alive with advanced writing and graphics options. Quickly create vibrant notes in varied colors, backgrounds, and palm erasers. The ease of use does not interrupt teaching flow keeping students focused. Experience true interactive classroom annotation collaboration. It happens seamlessly between teachers and students using the IFP and mobile devices. 

Directed Messaging

Known as the future information center, the Smart Broadcasting System offers instant message delivery and immediate group notifications. While in class, send announcements, reminders, and more to multiple recipients simultaneously grouped by class affiliations and attributes.

Simple Solutions

The RP02 offers a simple solution for those with dual display aspirations. Multiple displays work via the HDMI out port located right on the front of the display. For added flexibility and device compatibility, the RP02 series touchscreens work plug-and-play style with an extensive array of electronic devices and computing equipment running one of the major operating systems. On top of that, with Voice Assistant, teachers conveniently control the RP02 from any location in the classroom instantly. 

Better Handwriting

BenQ RP02 interactive flat panel displays feature Zero Bonding Technology and Fine IR Plus to dramatically improve touchscreen handwriting results. It detects touch writing accurately even when the writer writes at high speeds. The product provides a more natural handwriting experience, including easier to read handwriting.