Discover the seamless AV technology installation process.

The installation of your audio-visual technology is essential to your organization’s success. This is one area where you simply can’t afford to cut corners or go the cheapest, fastest route to accomplish the task. When you sign up for the Vizual Shield AVaaS (AV as a Service), you don’t have to settle for less than the best.

What makes our installation process so streamlined and efficient? We plan, plan, plan and then plan some more before we begin. Once we’ve confirmed the preferred timeline of your installation, we kick off with a project meeting including the key players on our technology team and any of your staff members relevant to the project, such as IT, facilities management, and electricians.

That’s when we map out exactly what needs to happen, list out the tasks, and determine who is handling which task. The key decision-makers and stakeholders verify and confirm the details, so nothing begins until everyone agrees it’s time to start.

Design Document and Scope of Work

The Design Document and Scope of Work are two important documents we refer back to continually throughout the installation process and beyond. Including the equipment “recipe” to your AV layout, the Design Document communicates the manufacturer, brands and types of equipment that will be part of your installation. It shares detailed photos and diagrams of how we will install everything as well as the resulting sound pattern.

The Scope of Work includes several components:

  • Cost
  • Timeframe
  • Terms and conditions
  • Warranty Coverage
Vizual Symphony Installation Scope
  • Document covering displays, audio, controls, installation, rack components, and any other relevant hardware and software details regarding how you will interface with your new design
  • Photos of the equipment and description of special features

Testing Off-Site before Installation

After we’ve ordered the equipment, we send it to our professional installers who stage it and test it before it ever arrives on your site. While some companies only test at the business’s site, we like to take this extra step to minimize disruption for your organization. By staging and testing everything prior to your installation, we can fix any glitches and ensure an efficient, seamless install.

Vizual Symphony Installation fit

During this testing process, our expert installers catch issues such as pieces that do not fit correctly or equipment that is malfunctioning. They can also identify and solve manufacturer errors, such as the wrong styles, colors or models.

Assembling items prior to delivery on your site will also keep your location clean and free from the mess and tools involved in the unpacking and assembly process. Once our installers are certain all equipment is running optimally, they will bring it to your job site and begin the final installation.

Who Are the VS Installers?

At Vizual Symphony, we are especially proud of our installation team. It is comprised of electrical technicians and programmers who specialize in audio-visual technology. While other companies would have to call in an electrician during installation, which can be difficult to coordinate, we entrust the process to our experts. And they’ve never let us down!

Not having trained pros handling the installation can lead to many problems, even having to uninstall and reinstall equipment which adds time and cost to the project. With VS, you can be sure we will get the job done right the first time, every time. In fact, we install and complete jobs about 50% faster than most other companies can. Because of our unique planning and testing processes, we are so efficient that we have the nimble quality most installers lack.

Trust Vizual Symphony with Your AV Installation

When your business productivity and success is on the line, you need the top installation team handling your AV project. Reach out to our team at Vizual Symphony for your free consultation.

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