Vizual Symphony AV Integration Makes Audiovisual Work For You

In the present era, institutions rely heavily on audio-visual technology to enrich their learning and communication experiences. However, with many options available, it is crucial not to get caught up in the complexities of integrating your technology.

That is where Visual Symphony AV integration comes in, with over 20 years of experience in audio-visual technology. We focus on people and results, offering collaborative and customized solutions for classrooms, boardrooms, and beyond. Our focus is on personalized solutions that align with your long-term objectives. And our AV experts stay current on the technical details of the available options. Choosing the most suitable ones to achieve your goals effectively is imperative. And that is what we do.

Vizual Symphony Audio Video Integration Experts Start Every Project With A Conversation

At Visual Symphony, we follow a highly personalized approach that starts with a conversation. That is where we learn about your upcoming projects and identify your needs. We work closely with your team to design custom audio visual solutions. Our system integrations will align with your long-term goals.

You do not need to have all the answers when it comes to the technology you need. That is what we explore with you. Our experts help you determine the following steps: objectives, priorities, and budget. Once we have the initial plan, we will visit your facility. Next, our integrators will design your custom solution.

Integrated AV Systems We Design

Audiovisual Integrator Requires Collaboration

vizual-symphony-av-integrationVisual Symphony is a women-owned certified small business, and we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach with our clients. We are your partners in creating solutions that redefine and maximize education through AV innovation. We spend more time on the front end, so the process goes smoothly.

Our professionals are always here to manage the details and ensure your systems work flawlessly and efficiently. We are in the trenches with you every step of the way, providing guidance, support, and solutions to any issues that may arise. You will find time and cost savings when a professional integrates audio visual systems. Instead of spending your resources on an internal team, you get all the benefits without the cost and management responsibilities.

AV Integrator Employs Integration Innovations To Keep Your Ideas In Focus

Visual Symphony is a certified small business that is women-owned. Since 2001, the audiovisual services company has provided innovative audio and visual products and installations to help its clients become industry leaders. Founder and CEO Susan Holguin and her team have created technology-filled spaces that are sustainable, effective, and easy to use while providing personalized customer service and the latest in AV technology.

Since its launch, Vizual Symphony, an audio-video integrator, has maintained strong relationships with clients and vendors. Personalized service has always been a priority, and the company has always followed through on every project. Despite the challenges of two recessions and the pandemic, Vizual Symphony has completed thousands of audiovisual projects and served hundreds of clients with customized solutions to meet specific needs and budgets.

AV Tech Integration For Higher Education And Other Organizations

Vizual Symphony’s clients include corporations, educational institutions, municipalities, houses of worship, and museums. The company carefully assesses each client’s target market and organizational goals through a personalized consultancy process and custom designs AV solutions to meet specific needs and budgets.

Some of its most popular AV solutions include presentation technology for higher education classrooms and training rooms, active learning and Hy-Flex learning environments, web conferencing, lecture capture, and multipurpose theaters and auditoriums.

Over the years, Vizual Symphony has seen its clients become leaders in their industries as they gain a competitive edge with the latest AV technology solutions. For instance, churches have been able to connect with members remotely; business leadership teams have maintained unity and synergy during statewide lockdowns; organizations have provided much-needed virtual resources and support to people when they needed it most; and schools have been able to maintain and enhance their students’ learning from a distance during a worldwide pandemic.

Even as this AV integrator celebrates over twenty years in business, the company remains focused on its clients’ AV needs. The company is always ready to help its clients enhance their business operations with optimal, customized audiovisual integration. The best AV integration companies can support every aspect of integration projects, from consultation, design, and hardware to installations, upgrades, and replacements. Learn more about our AV integration projects by reading our case studies. Short summaries of our recent work are for reading below.

Haven Church House Of Worship AV Technology Solutions And Upgrades

vizual-symphony-haven-church-case-studyHaven Church worked with Vizual Symphony to upgrade their technology and install new projectors and screens. The new state-of-the-art technology allowed the church to create a more engaging and seamless worship experience for its congregation. The church’s leaders were pleased with the services provided.

Vizual Symphony helped Haven Church choose and install projectors and screens that elevated the worship experience and gave them something new and exciting. The space gained 20-plus feet of stage. There were once two small screens on the left and right of the stage. The revamped space features an impressive 14 x 45-foot screen behind the stage.

The new state-of-the-art screen and projectors allowed the church to use the sanctuary more effectively. They no longer had to deal with the physical feat of moving screens. Instead, they could do everything they wanted with a button.

The pastors and volunteers no longer had tech dread. Instead, they could focus on meeting the congregation’s needs – not audiovisual equipment problems. The new video visual system enabled them to do just that.

Connecting more effectively with worshipers lets them focus on spreading God’s love. On Easter Sunday, the church had a tremendous response from the congregation, with twelve people coming forward for baptisms and recommitments.

Azusa Pacific University AV Rejuvenation For The John and Marilyn Duke Student Commons

azusa-integrator-case-studyAzusa Pacific University (APU) is a Christian university near Los Angeles. Recently, they received a donation to refurbish a 27,000 sq ft space on their West Campus, which would be the John and Marilyn Duke Student Commons. The plan was to transform the space into a multipurpose location on campus for students.

Duke Commons planned to feature a cafeteria, a campus store, and a student connection lounge area. In addition, the idea was for students to hang out between classes and read or listen to background music playing throughout the space.

To assist with the renovation process, APU sought the help of Visual Symphony, its audio-visual provider for the past 20 years. The CEO of Vizual Symphony, Susan Holguin, collaborated with the APU team to design and implement the audio-visual technology for the new space.

Vizual Symphony offered several solutions, including a switcher and four touch panels, a large video wall, digital signs and menu boards, a speaker system, and microphones for presentations.

The new Duke Commons was finished just in time for the fall of 2022. The upgrades make it easier for students to connect, engage, and collaborate. The space is for studying, meetings, and recharging between classes. Professors can reserve the space to show films, and clubs can host events.

California State University Long Beach Walter Pyramid Acoustic Installation

csu-long-beach-walter-pyramid-vizual-symphonyThe Walter Pyramid, an indoor multipurpose arena at the California State University Long Beach campus, faced an acoustic challenge due to its pyramidal design, which made sound projection difficult. The old sound system, installed in the early 1990s, was outdated and dysfunctional.

The university partnered with consultancy Idibri and Vizual Symphony to design and install a new system to address this issue. The new system features a horizontally hung array of two A15i Focus speakers and one A15i Wide speaker, which provides court-floor coverage. A four-sided cluster with A15i Focus speakers as the primary enclosures and LA12X amplified controllers power and process the entire system.

The monumental project included replacing the truss system and rewiring the cable path. Installing the L-Acoustics AI system itself was relatively easy compared to these tasks. The new system debuted during the 2022 volleyball season and has conquered the acoustic challenge by creating a consistent sound throughout the venue.

New Center for Psychoanalysis (NCP) Video Conferencing Update

new-center-for-psychoanalysisThe New Center for Psychoanalysis (NCP) is a training and research institution based in Los Angeles. The well-known center provides mental health services. NCP wanted to incorporate AV equipment to accommodate remote participants via Zoom. To achieve these goals would require significant AV upgrades.

Vizual Symphony provided multiple solutions to meet NCP’s goals. Improving the presentation experience for in-room attendees was essential, as was allowing remote attendees to join in-person events virtually.

Challenges related to equipment shortages delayed the final installation by four months. However, once completed, NCP had a fully integrated AV system with a User Guide and a three-year on-site warranty provided by Vizual Symphony.

AV Integration Collaboration Locations

We are in beautiful Glendale, California. From there, Vizual Symphony serves clients in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Our service area includes Glendale, Burbank, Los Angeles, Azusa, Long Beach, and surrounding areas. And other places we serve are in Pasadena, San Bernardino, Riverside, Irvine, and adjacent communities.

Schedule An Audio Visual Consultation With An AV Integrator

In conclusion, Visual Symphony is your go-to partner for audio visual integration. With 20 years of experience, we understand that it is not just about the audio-visual integration of technology but about people and results. Our highly personalized approach to audio-video integration focuses on identifying your needs and getting buy-in from your teams. The result is a customized solution that aligns with your long-term goals. We collaborate closely with your team to set a standard for audio-visual technology beyond classrooms, boardrooms, and more.

We are the audio-visual integrators, always here to manage the details, ensuring your systems work flawlessly. And we are always here to support you whenever you need us. If you are ready to maximize effectiveness through AV innovation, let us start with a conversation to schedule an in-person or remote consultation.

With a collaborative approach, Vizual Symphony works closely with clients to design and integrate custom AV systems for classrooms, boardrooms, and more. Please schedule a consultation to have a conversation with us. 2024 is the year to redefine and maximize education through AV innovation with Vizual Symphony AV integration.

Contact Vizual Symphony today for a consultation and discover how our expert full-service AV integration services can help you achieve more. Reach us for a free AV consultation at (626) 229 9112 or online. Talk to an audiovisual integrator today.