San Bernardino AV Integrator Has Solutions For Higher Education

San Bernardino AV integrator, Vizual Symphony, integrates audio visual technology and systems for clients in five areas. The integration company provides services for organizations in one of these categories: house of worship, municipalities, museums, corporate and education. The last in which Vizual Symphony specializes further to serve higher education institutions, colleges, and universities.

Communication Gap For Higher Education

Here we will discuss how the San Bernardino AV integrator solves problems common to schools, colleges, and universities. One issue is not having an effective way of communicating with students and staff on campus. Keeping students informed about everything happening inside and outside the classroom is a big responsibility. And there is much information to communicate, from class schedules to campus events. And menu specials, weather updates, safety procedures, and emergency announcements. So, those in higher education want this information is easily accessible and engaging for students and staff.

Audiovisual Integrator Recommends Video Walls for Campus Communication

Video walls are an excellent tool for providing information in a centralized, visually stimulating way. Video walls can communicate everything from class schedules to campus events, safety procedures, menus, weather updates, and emergency announcements. They can also display campus promotional videos, campus maps, and special event information. Which is exactly what many colleges and universities are looking for a way to do.

Azusa Pacific University Video Wall Integration

Recently, Visual Symphony completed the AV integration project for the upgraded John and Marilyn Duke Student Commons at Azusa Pacific University. Read the case study. The new technology in the student center facilitates student connection, engagement, and collaboration. Among other technologies, the installation includes a large 3×3 LG video wall to promote marketing messages, display items in the Apple store, and host educational sessions. The video wall can also communicate safety instructions and other campus messaging that requires instant distribution.

The new student center has become a multi-functional facility where students can study, meet, and recharge between classes. Professors can use the large drop-down screen and Shure microphones for presentations. Music flows through the new center thanks to the background music speaker system with 23 Creston ceiling speakers brightening the atmosphere. Adding 8 LG digital signs and 11 LG menu boards throughout the facility, in the food court and cafeteria area, allows vendors to display menus and daily specials.

The video wall in the student center can display a wide array of content, including campus promotional videos, social media feeds, news, weather, sports, performances, event schedules, cafeteria menus, campus events, safety procedures, menus, weather updates, emergency announcements, school promotional videos, campus maps, and special event information. This centralized, visually stimulating way of communicating information ensures everyone on campus is in the loop on everything happening there.

AV Integration for Modern Lecture Halls

av-integrator-visual-symphony-classroom-apuAV integration is essential in modern lecture halls. Technology can help meet teaching needs and ensure students can fully engage with the material. Visual Symphony is a company that understands the needs of educators and has experience creating custom AV solutions. The audio-visual integration specialists works on projects for classrooms of all sizes. With the commercial AV integrator, schools can set up modern lecture halls. Most schools need multiple displays, distance learning integration for hybrid classrooms, and sophisticated audio processing to ensure every word is loud and clear. Visual Symphony’s team of experts can also help schools integrate newer 4K and legacy AV sources to take advantage of the latest technology without sacrificing compatibility with older equipment.

Visual Symphony helps schools seamlessly integrate audio equipment like microphones into their AV systems. And the San Bernardino AV integrator also provides training and support on an ongoing basis. That means that educators can focus on teaching. Without worrying about the technical details of how the AV system works, everyone wins. This kind of support is crucial for educators and students, as it ensures that everyone can engage with the material presented without any technical difficulties. The bottom line is that through AV integration, you can educate more students more effectively.

When it comes to the challenges of AV integration in modern lecture halls, there are many factors to consider. That is why it is so important to work with a company that understands the needs of educators and has experience creating custom AV solutions for classrooms of all sizes. Visual Symphony is proud to offer a full suite of AV integration services designed specifically for the needs of modern lecture halls.

AV Integrator Makes Technology Work

AV integration and video walls are crucial for communicating information in higher education. Schools, colleges, and universities must keep their students informed about everything happening on campus, and the technology available today makes it easier than ever to do so. With the help of AV integration companies like Visual Symphony, schools can have custom AV solutions that meet their needs in classrooms. Whether they need to modernize out-of-date lecture halls or provide information in a centralized, visually stimulating way. Vizual Symphony can ensure that everyone on campus is engaged, informed, and connected through AV integration.

Please read the case study on distance learning integration at Azusa Pacific University. Vizual Symphony helped APU survive the transition to distance learning with Stem Audio.

With Visual Symphony, you can rest assured that your AV system will be flexible enough to accommodate all your teaching needs. So, if you are looking for a partner who can help you create a custom AV integration solution for your lecture hall, look no further than Visual Symphony. Vizual Symphony is a small business certified, female-owned, CMAS approved business. Please call (626) 229 9112 for a free consultation.