AV As A Service Future-Proofs AV Systems For A Competitive Edge

AV as a Service or Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS) has revolutionized how businesses and organizations approach audio-visual needs. By shifting from traditional ownership models to a service-based approach, AVaaS offers many benefits that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance user experiences.

In this article, we will explore some of the main advantages of AVaaS across different industries. From corporations and municipalities to education, museums, and houses of worship, AVaaS has proven to be a game-changer in delivering cutting-edge audio-visual solutions. After answering a few FAQs, we will delve into the myriad benefits of AVaaS and our process.

What Is AV as a Service?

Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS) providers (typically AV integrators) offer audio-visual solutions as subscription-based services. The monthly subscription includes audiovisual equipment, services, and support.

How Does AVaaS Work?

AVaaS uses a subscription-based model that provides audiovisual technology, infrastructure management, regular updates, maintenance oversight, and user support services. Essentially, the provider takes care of all audiovisual needs and ensures the technology is up-to-date and up and running while supporting users as needed. Subscription periods from 36 to 60 months are standard. Also standard is a subscription payment is in the form of a monthly fee or similar payment program.

What Are The Benefits Of Audio Visual as a Service?

The benefits highlight the advantages of Audiovisual as a Service, boosting efficiency, cost savings, and improved user experiences. Ultimately, AVaaS is an excellent way for organizations to strengthen their AV systems, reduce costs, and focus on their core business objectives.

1. Cost Savings

First, AVaaS eliminates the need for upfront capital investments, reducing equipment and maintenance costs. So, that frees up capital to invest in other important initiatives such as people, R&D, or marketing. And as an operating cost, AVaaS does present tax-saving advantages. Reduce staffing needs and shift equipment lifecycle management onto the service provider, minimizing the burden on internal resources.

2. Scalability

Second, it is possible to quickly scale AV solutions up or down based on changing needs, ensuring flexibility and cost-efficiency. Scale your subscription and financial commitment for flexibility with predictable, affordable costs. Predictable, long-term budgeting enabled by AVaaS can help organizations plan better for the future.

3. Latest Technology

The next benefit is arguably the most beneficial. Audio Visual as a Service is the optimal way for businesses to access the latest technology affordably. Not only can you afford more tech than your budget would allow, but you can also afford to automatically refresh your equipment every few years and get regular equipment and software updates and ongoing support. Access to the best cutting-edge technology to meet your objectives is the core principle of AVaaS.

4. Expert Support

AV as a Service user training, technical support, and IT help on-demand ensures users get more effective, efficient support and have more positive technology experiences. And that, in part, can diminish tech dread and boost morale. Furthermore, the AV integrator helps ensure the project’s ongoing success and continuous effectiveness. And that is accomplished with update and upgrade recommendations, further solutions, and continued support.

Working closely with AV experts exposes clients to new tech. It enables its deployment in custom solutions to get ahead of its competitors, along with ongoing system installation and configuration support, monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance to decrease system downtime and boost productivity. AV integrators lend expertise and recommend upgrades, additional solutions, and ongoing support.

5. Simplified Management

Also, enjoy a more streamlined and affordable approach to AV management. Centralized control and monitoring of AV systems streamline operations and improve efficiency. Global AV installation, management, and servicing standardization ensure rapid and efficient deployment in multiple locations.


Industry-Specific Benefits For Industries We Serve

We serve five primary clients: corporate, educational, municipalities, houses of worship, and museums. These benefits highlight the advantages of AVaaS across different industries, promoting efficiency, cost savings, and improved user experiences.

Corporations: Corporate clients require advanced AV solutions with user-friendly, sleek, high-tech hardware to enhance collaboration, communication, and increased productivity.

Municipalities: Municipal organizations require top-of-the-line AV hardware to enhance communication and collaboration for efficient management of public spaces, improved citizen engagement, and effective communication during emergencies.

Education: Educators need the highest level of technology to optimize active learning, interactive classrooms, distance learning capabilities, and immersive educational experiences through AV technology.

Museums: Museums need innovative AV tech to attract visitors via engaging exhibitions, interactive displays, and educational programs tailored to curriculum standards.

House of Worship: Houses of worship need the latest high-quality audio and video for worship services, live streaming capabilities, and integration with multimedia presentations.

Vizual Shield: Audio-Visual as a Service From Vizual Symphony


At Vizual Symphony, we have our own version of an Audio Visual As A Service program, Vizual Shield (VS). It is a robust bundle subscription service encompassing integration consulting, AV hardware, expert advisory services, solution installation, advantageous agreements, system replacement, and technology recycling. Keep reading to learn more about how you can let us help you use AV tech smarter.

VS Consultancy Customizes AV Solutions

Vizual Shield Consultancy, is a thorough and personalized consultancy process is the foundation of our AV as a Service program. Our consultants work closely with clients from the first meeting to completion to customize comprehensive services that meet their unique needs.

To ensure we fully understand our clients’ goals and current audio-visual situations, we offer in-person consultations and a Discovery Process. Our AV integration consultants provide guidance and assistance throughout the agreement term, and we only work with as many clients as we can serve effectively.

VS Hardware Supplies Top AV Equipment

As part of the AV as a Service (AVaaS) program, you will receive state-of-the-art equipment in your solution bundle. The Vizual Symphony team continually learns about the best products to benefit our clients.

We understand that the AV you need depends on your industry and objectives. That’s why Vizual Symphony consults and visits your facility to identify the perfect equipment to meet your organizational needs. The hardware we provide varies depending on our clients’ applications and requirements.

Below, we list some of the most common pieces of equipment that is part of many as a service AV solutions.  With Vizual Symphony, you can expect the right hardware and services bundle to enhance your organization’s productivity.

Audio Video Equipment Included in AVaaS

VS Personalize Offers Flexibility And Convenience

After our audiovisual consultants take the time to learn about your organization, they  personalize solutions to meet your unique needs. Our program offers flexibility, affordability, and convenience, allowing you to upgrade and adjust your technology as needed. Examples of our personalized services include:

VS Installation Includes Planning And Testing

We understand that every installation is unique, so we take a consultative approach to every project. However, for all clients our goal is to deliver Audio-Visual as a Service (AVaaS) solutions that install easily. Seamless system installation requires meticulous planning and organization. Compiling integration plan details into a clear concise Design Document and Scope of Work is a project management fundamental for our team.

Our team knows how to install audio-visual equipment well. We test everything before we come to your location so we can work efficiently and quickly. We prepare to make installations  quick and efficient, so, your system is up and running in no time.

VS SLA Contracts Simplify AV Services And Support

The VS Service Level Agreement (SLA) maps out your ongoing AV solution needs and response times, ensuring you receive the required service and support. SLA contracts simplify your AV services and support, allowing you to focus on your business without guesswork. It enables you to scale your technology as your business grows and changes, all through a convenient monthly payment option.

VS Replace Eliminates Technology Obsolescence

Clients love the technology obsolescence protection they get with our AVaaS Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG). With the SRG, there are no extra costs to upgrade or replace solutions at any point in the term if they no longer meet your needs. So, AVaaS keeps you in the latest technology and that is a superior competitive advantage.

Vizual Shield Recycle Provides Circular Sustainability

Minimize the burden of disposal through a robust, managed, hassle-free recycling process for your technological equipment. AV as a Service ensures responsible end-of-life tech solutions to recycle, refurbish, and repurpose AV system components. We handle the process, including securing data and recycling or repurposing tech.

Ideally, equipment utilization continues well after the primary user decommissions it. So, equipment with some life left, we refresh and donate to non-profit organizations or schools. Otherwise, we recycle the materials through manual de-manufacturing or mechanical shredding. We ensure proper disposal of toxic substances and aim to reuse materials whenever possible.

Equipment sustainability and environmental responsibility are the priorities. Through our AVaaS VS Recycle program, a reduction of costs to all technology users and an increase in corporate responsibility result. Contact us to learn more about our end-of-life tech and AV service solutions.

Visual Symphony For Future-Proof Audiovisual Services And Support

In the fast-paced world of technological advancements, It is inevitable that the pace of innovation will continue to accelerate. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses and organizations to approach new technologies with careful consideration. Mindlessly adopting every new technology will not work. Instead, collaborating with an AV integrator to build flexible systems that adapt to continuous changes, will ultimately be the competitive edge.

In conclusion, AV as a Service has changed the audio-visual solutions game for businesses and organizations. By shifting from traditional ownership models to a service-based approach, AVaaS offers many benefits. Strong advantages that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance user experiences. In addition, benefits include cost savings, expert support, scalability, and simplified management. AVaaS advantages boost productivity and support success in business.

At Vizual Symphony, our AVaaS program, Vizual Shield, provides customized solutions with high-quality equipment for an affordable monthly payment. Technology can be flexible, convenient, and sustainable. Our local audio-visual systems integration service area includes Glendale, Azusa, San Bernadino, Riverside, CA, and nearby areas.

So, whether you need a Commercial AV Integrator in Glendale, Azusa Technology Systems Integration Services, Audio Video Consultant in Riverside, or a San Bernardino Tech Integration Service, consider Vizual Symphony. To discuss AVasaS with an AV integration consultant, please contact us. Call (626) 229 9112 to schedule a free consultation session.