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Vizual Symphony, Glendale audiovisual integrator, provides av consulting, design, engineering, installation, and management. As a full-service commercial av integrator, we develop custom audio-visual systems for clients in education, municipalities, museums, corporations, and houses of worship. Learn more about our step-by-step process here.

Audio Visual Integrator

Effective AV solutions begin with data collection and fact-finding. Next, AV integrators need to understand each client’s specific goals and obstacles clearly. However, Vizual Symphony consultants know that plans and challenges are dynamic. Fortunately, the Vizual Symphony AV integration 5-step process is collaborative and involves clear communication. So, through the 5-step process, we put audio-visual systems into place that exceed expectations.

AV Integrator Glendale, CA

glendale-audiovisual-intehratorAn AV integrator needs to provide audio visual system design and consulting, equipment sales, installation, training, maintenance, and technical support services. The audiovisual integration process is successful when everything comes together seamlessly. But that does not happen by chance. Instead, it involves working with A/V managers, procurement specialists, IT professionals, project managers, tech support, music directors, pastors, administrators, principals, and CEOs.

Commercial Audio Visual Solutions For Education

Our AV integrators, technology specialists, planners, and committed consultants provide technology solutions for education, corporations, municipalities, houses of worship, and museums. For example, Vizual Symphony helped Azusa Pacific University transition to distance learning for the Fall 2020 semester.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Azusa Pacific University (APU) had to make a swift transition to online learning, like many others in education. However, APU had particular needs and requirements. APU needed a video conferencing system for 217 classrooms across seven campus locations. And they required the av solution in place and ready to go quickly.

In addition, we needed our audio-visual solution to provide remote students with a top-quality online learning experience while staying within budget. While also allowing their team to install the audio visual technology themselves. Learn more about Vizual Symphony experts’ audio-visual solution delivered in our APU case study.

AV Integration and Audio Visual Consulting Services For Houses Of Worship

Many houses of worship with outdated technology deal with tech glitch problems and equipment malfunctions across Glendale. These worship centers deal with their old audiovisual systems until they can no longer wait to upgrade their visual screens and audio technology.

Another common AV upgrade issue among houses of worship is hesitancy due to past experiences. Unfortunately, most organizations have invested in audio/visual solutions, which did not work as expected. When the leaders of Haven Church approached us, they needed an accurate, long-term technology solution, not a temporary fix.

The Vizual Symphony team helped Haven Church choose and install Panasonic projectors and Da-Lite screens. As a result, they solved their distracting technology challenges and elevated the worship experience. Our case study shares more about our work with Haven Church and the fantastic outcome.

Glendale Audiovisual Integrators Provide Hybrid Workspace Solutions

Our consultants create customized AV solutions for corporations, not cookie-cutter solutions. An AV solutions provider must assess the needs of an organization with a unique hybrid workplace. It looks at how a company works to arrive at the right technology solution. It is essential to avoid trial and error mistakes and waste money on systems that do not address current problems.

The hybrid workspace, with board rooms, multi-purpose rooms, and huddle spaces, can often lack speech privacy. Whether an open workspace is too noisy or quiet, overheard conversations can be distracting.Sound masking technology provides the speech privacy they need as part of an audio visual system for some of our clients.

This audio solution makes speech unintelligible from a distance. For example, others hear mumbling sounds from a meeting across the room but cannot say what is said. Sound masking adds imperceptible uniform background noise throughout office space to mask speech effectively.

AV System Consulting With A Vizual Symphony Consultant

No matter what industry you are in, you know when you need a technology upgrade. However, it is difficult or impossible to be sure what equipment and systems to buy to get the results you want. At least, this is what we hear from many of our clients when they come to us for help.

That is where our consultants shine. We are hands-on in every phase, bringing our clients peace of mind. Our team will work closely with you to design an audiovisual solution to reach your goals. Contact us online for a free consultation or call us at (626) 229 9112.