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Glendale Audiovisual Integrators

AV integrator Glendale, Vizual Symphony, is a boutique audio and visual firm specializing in concierge-style consulting services. There is no better way to engage and inspire your target market than with spectacular AV design and technology. Whether it is a multi-purpose theater, welcome center, lecture hall, or active learning hybrid classroom, the tech design you need is within reach. Moreover, with spectacular audiovisual systems in place, emerging as an industry leader is reachable, too.

Audio visual system integrators and technology experts at Vizual Symphony have a proprietary design process. The client-focused approach offers their clients a unique opportunity for involvement. Using The Vizual Surveyor clients can access audiovisual plans and designs. This exceptional resource is part of the design process. Clients can use The Vizual Surveyor to ensure system designs meet their expectations and goals.


AV Design Experts

The Vizual Symphony AV consulting process starts with a personal design expert-led dialogue with you and your stakeholders. Here, the goal is to determine your current audiovisual technology needs, plans, and available resources. And often discuss product evaluations, budget parameters, and financing options. These details help us create an AV technology design that honors your vision and fits your budget.

Tech Recommendations

The AV design scope informs our audio and video technology experts. Technology system and equipment recommendations come next. Vizual Symphony experts stay on the leading edge of tech to make you privy to the latest in AV. We partner with video, audio, recording, lighting, control and monitoring systems manufacturers.

System Installation

Our Glendale, CA audio-visual integrators command the art and science of audio-visual system installation. So hire our competent and knowledgeable team to focus on the details. And most of all, we know how essential it is to value your time. That is why we have the same design expert from the initial planning to the final design sign-off.

Glendale, CA Audio Video Consulting

The Vizual Surveyor allows us to get precise measurements of a room or area using photos or videos of the location. Remote audio visual system design planning is possible and efficient with our ability to get accurate information this way.

With the accurate measurements of a room, The Vizual Surveyor can render it in detail. Then, our AV integration design experts create a virtual audiovisual solution for the unique space. CA Clients can then view the audio-visual room design rendering. These may include actual equipment placement in the room, camera angles, and cable lengths.

Moreover, we added notes and recommendations to complete the fully integrated AV system design rendering. Vizual Symphony encourages clients to survey the design process with this resource. And the AV integrator also welcomes Glendale clients to make changes or additions until a system plan is complete.

Brightline ZELo

Brightline ZELo is a fantastic light source for every broadcaster and podcaster. But that quality comes in at an affordable price. So, this technology can serve a wide range of users. In addition, there is a built-in manual control for adjusting brightness and color temperature. This easy control adjustment allows the ZELo to blend with any ambient light in any room. 

4K Wireless Document Camera

When our clients want to share detailed images in real-time, we can help. The 4K Wireless Document Camera or DC-W80 document camera works for teaching and presentations. But it is more than just a webcam. The DC-W80 delivers 4K 30fps image quality with 30x total zoom. In addition, this excellent camera is easy to use anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

BenQ – Interactive WhiteBoard

BenQ’s RP02 is an interactive whiteboard for the modern classroom. It has many cloud-based features for students and teachers to use. Real-time sharing fosters engagement and active learning environments. The exceptional BenQ RP02 allows collaboration beyond locations and platforms. In addition, it is a smart IFP with advanced air quality sensors, a germ-resistant screen, and eye-care solutions for healthy learning.

Bose – EdgeMax EM180 loudspeaker

EdgeMax loudspeakers are an upgrade to any conventional dome-tweeter ceiling speakers. Compared to traditional dome-tweeter ceiling speakers, you get better sound quality and coverage patterns. In addition, they reduce the number of units you need.

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Contact us for huddle rooms, board rooms, multi purpose rooms, hybrid meeting rooms, and more. We are the AV system installation consultants you can trust. The technology-filled spaces and systems we create include the following.

Learn more about hiring an AV integrator in this article. AV integrator Glendale, Vizual Symphony. is experienced, trustworthy, and knowledgeable and wants to talk with you. Let’s talk about putting your ideas in focus. Please fill out a contact form or call us at (626) 229 9112.