Outdoor LED Video Wall Consultants Have Top 6 Considerations

LA Outdoor Video Wall Consultants Have Top 6 Considerations

LA outdoor video wall consultants recommend modern ways to get your message across. Video walls can display images, tell your brand story, and more. There is no better way to engage your audience than with an outdoor video wall. When you decide to use an LA outdoor video wall, you can go big. An outdoor LED screen installation typically has few size restrictions, so the biggest video walls are outdoors.

1.      Take Note of the Weather Conditions

With indoor LED video walls, the weather is not a factor. However, in LA, outdoor video wall consultants at Vizual Symphony remind us to think about the weather for the wall location. In addition, some locations are not ideal for video walls due to inhospitable weather conditions. So, your LA outdoor LED video wall must be resistant to the weather in its area. But that is not the only consideration you should consider. Here we will cover some points you should consider when planning with an LA outdoor video wall consultant.

2.      Estimate the Amount of Sun and Rain

LA Outdoor LED Video Walls need to do more than be weather resistant. Think about how many hours of direct sunlight it will endure daily. Also, factor in the amount of rain it will face. Fortunately, outdoor video walls have ratings to express their resistance to water intrusion, moisture, dust, and dirt. A prime consideration in the Los Angeles area is brightness. As a rule, outdoor video panels are up to three times brighter than indoor walls.

3.      Determine the Viewing Distance for LA Outdoor LED Video Walls

Viewer distance is essential to consider when selecting any display. Televisions, computer monitors, and video walls alike must best serve viewing distance. The rule is to select displays with higher resolution and tighter pixel pitch for shorter viewing distances. To do some quick calculations, you can figure 1 mm resolution per 3 feet of viewing distance. By contrast, low-resolution LED panels are fine for any building-sized outdoor LED video wall display. In addition, using lower resolution displays will make your project more affordable.

4.      Measure Mounting and Installation Specifics

There are a few typical ways to install and mount these LED displays for outdoor video wall consultants in LA. So, what are the most common techniques for outdoor video wall support and installation?

A wall-mounted LA outdoor video wall may be more costly. However, if a flush-mount clean installation is what you need, it is worth it. Another benefit of this type of LED panel mount is the easy service access from the front.

5.      Review Refresh Rate

What type of content will you display on your video wall? No matter what, if you plan to show video content on your wall, refresh rate is critical. You must find a panel with a high enough refresh rate to avoid seeing moiré lines in your video content. These show up due to refresh rate mismatches. Avoid these problems with displays with higher refresh rates. Of course, these are higher-quality displays and will tend to cost more. But the LA outdoor video wall consultants at Vizual Symphony have very affordable video wall options.

6.      Observe Other Considerations

Here are more factors to weigh—the maintenance and upkeep of the panel. Along the same lines, think about how easy it is to service. Customer and warranty support are also important considerations. Some LA outdoor video wall consultants recommend using software to watch functionality and report malfunctions immediately. Finally, panels with easy access and modular construction are smart. These models make it possible to complete maintenance, service, and repair tasks without unmounting the panel.

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