LCD VS. LED Video Walls Compete For Your Attention

In Los Angeles, LCD vs. LED Video Walls Both Demand Attention

No matter what content on display, the message is clear. The connotation is of authority. Not only a powerful way to get your point across but also to make memorable. For all-eyes-on-me attention seekers, nothing does it better or bigger. And in the video wall arena, size matters; all over Los Angeles, LCD vs. LED display walls provide a large canvas for content. The nature of this display mode generally calls for non-interactive, passive content.

LCD Video Wall Displays

LCD, liquid crystal display, is the type of flat panel display in most smartphones, computer monitors, and television screens. On bright, affordable, reliable LCDs, a layer of liquid crystal lies between two pieces of polarized glass with backlights illuminating the display. LCD displays produce fluid brilliant color. Also, Los Angeles LCD video walls are notably high-resolution and display text, images, and video in sharp detail, making them a fabulous choice for video wall utilization.

LED Video Wall Displays

A direct view LED display uses thousands of tiny light sources to create an image. Unlike backlit LCDs, an LED wall is a compilation of many smaller LED panels with hundreds of light-emitting diodes that change color to create an image. LED displays have the best color accuracy and refresh rates on the market. In addition to being bright, reliable, energy-efficient, and a smart choice for large-scale digital presentations with high-impact visuals. At one time, LED displays in Los Angeles were low-resolution for primarily outdoor use. However, the smaller LEDs of recent years produce higher resolution images fit for indoor video walls as well.

Los Angeles Video Wall Sight Distance

The farther away viewers are, the larger a video wall needs to be. Furthermore, as for the sight distance for LCD vs. LED video walls, there is little difference. Generally, the closer the viewer, the higher the pixel density needed for either technology.

LCD vs. LED Price Comparison

Obviously, due to its size, a video wall system is going to cost more than most other digital signage solutions. Generally, LCD video walls cost less than LED versions. However, LED technology is more affordable now than it once was.

Wall Display Dimensions

The fluorescent lamps inside an LCD wall inform a deeper minimum display depth than that of an LED screen. In fact, the thinnest displays available are edge-lit LED screens with light-emitting diode illumination set at the display edges instead of the display’s back. The largest video wall displays are also LEDs with hundreds of LED panels ready for arrangement in any width or height combination. Basically, technicians in Los Angeles can add panels until your LED wall is as massive as you desire.

Los Angeles LCD vs. LED Key Takeaways

LCD vs. LED video walls in summary, LCD walls have bezels LEDs do not. So, images on LED video walls are seamless. Moreover, LED displays last longer, weigh less, and are brighter compared to LCDs. However, high-resolution LED video walls are significantly more expensive than similar LCD wall displays. But, while LCD video walls are more affordable, they cannot be as large as their LED counterparts.

Digital Display Professionals in Los Angeles

Vizual Symphony is the expert you need to help you decide which type of video wall is best for your situation. Take the confusion out of the LCD vs. LED video wall debate when you contact Vizual Symphony. Please take advantage of a free consultation to find out how our managed solutions can put a magnificent video wall within reach.