Find Out How Web and Video Conferencing Are Different

For Los Angeles, web and video conferencing differences are anything, but clear. Until now. 

In Los Angeles, around the globe and across industries, people of all ages are using digital meeting technology at an unprecedented rate. Whether you work from home or enjoy retirement, you are likely to meet with someone remotely this week. Whether you will conference with colleagues, coworkers, clients, classmates, or cousins, you may have questions. Lately, our clients want to discuss video conferencing and web conferencing. They ask: Are they the same thing? If not, how are they different? And does it matter which one I use? Here we will answer these questions and others as we talk about video and web conferencing. 

Commonalities Los Angeles Web and Video Conferencing Share 

Obviously, video and web conferencing are alike in some ways. Their similarities are easy to see when we look at their core components. Both types of conferencing are live real-time events that require a minimum of two participants to meet from their distinct physical locations. This point may seem overly simplistic, but this is where the exact similarities end. From here, our conversation will be about their essential, although nuanced differences. 

Incorporation Of Audio and Visual Elements 

Los Angeles Web and Video Conferencing both have audio and visual components. However, by definition, a video conference utilizes audio and video, allowing participants to see and hear each other at the same time. By contrast, a web conference can present audio and video simultaneously, but events do not need to have both.

Audio and Visual Data Transmission  

There are also differences in the audio and visual data mode of transfer. In a web conference, participants share visual data via webcam, using digital video cameras, and live streaming. Audio information is shared via device components or through a phone system. Generally, video conferencing uses computer networks and communications technology to transmit audio and video data.  

Internet Connection Utilization 

Web conferencing applies a working Internet connection and a web browser to operate. Most video conferencing systems can host meetings using a public Internet connection but prefer the secure reliability of dedicated servers, internal equipment, and established intranet infrastructure.  

Entrance Points and Endpoints 

Los Angeles, web conferencing participants to connect to the internet to gain access to the event. The entrance point is a web browser and a link to an event. Endpoints are represented by web-browsers either running cloud-based third-party plug-ins and apps which after installation auto-connect to the web event or WebRTC technology.  explains that with WebRTC technology, developers can build powerful voice- and video-communication solutions with real-time communication capabilities supporting video, voice, and generic data to be sent between peers. WebRTC deals with basically two different technologies: peer-to-peer connectivity and media capture devices. The latter of which includes not only video cameras and microphones but also screen capturing “devices” that record screens. 

Level Of Security 

As far as differences between Los Angeles Web and Video Conferencing, security is the hot button. Modern video conferencing systems adhere to protocols to maintain security. It starts with running the system on a server and with a restricted client application the sole entrance point. Typically, an administrator is responsible for creating participant accounts in the client portal. Each video conferencing participant logs in to the client application with their individual admin-created credentials. The secure login informs participant validation and registration inside the application. Quite the opposite, web conferencing participants are free to join in from anywhere they can go online, and user validation is normally not a requirement. 

Los Angeles Web and Video Conferencing Experts 

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