Designing Digital Signage Content To Boost Engagement

Digital signage content that drives engagement requires careful planning and thoughtful attention.

In most cases, a compelling digital signage content calendar balances a steady stream of new material with occasional repeat messages. Preparation is critical.

Create Specific Digital Signage Content

Digital signage is only as good as the information it communicates. To expand on that, clear, attention-grabbing messages directing precise action are well-suited for digital signs. In order to achieve exact messaging, customize content for the audience. Pinpoint audience specifics to craft engaging viewer content. Most importantly, the needs, wants, interests, and concerns of the digital sign viewers must be known. On the whole, compelling content will consider all this information.

Time Digital Signage Content Intentionally

Also, consider what content will resonate with viewers throughout the day. Follow the natural flow of the work or school day with easy to consume content. Thoughtfully timed content gives the audience what they want when they are ready for it. On arrival, revive a sense of community with welcome messaging from the organization. Throughout the day, drive productivity with progress updates and achievements. Imbue positivity as the day ends. Communicate the essential nature of each individual’s contribution to the broader goals of the organization.

Communicate Ideas Succinctly

When it comes to the actual message, keep it short. Also, please keep it simple. Do not convey too much information at once. Let me be specific, strive to create digital signage content in individual messages that last from 8 to 10 seconds. That is, the viewer can read and understand them in that length of time.

Design Attractive Visuals

Just as critical as the length of digital signage content is the visual component. In fact, the way digital signage looks is more important than what it says. Above all, the message must be readable. Be sure it is intelligible, then make the content as visually attractive as possible to draw attention.

Use Branding Consistently

Another aspect of the aesthetics here is setting brand consistent graphic guidelines. Practically immediately, the human mind develops visual expectations for digital sign content. We expect to see some consistent elements from slide to slide. Incorporating brand assets and design templates can guarantee that consistency. When a content team adheres to mandated brand standards, it enhances communication with the audience and builds trust as the audience.

Provide Support Immediately

Digital signage content can be a strain for a content team to produce multiple times a day. Take this into consideration when planning content. Rather than face content burnout, find content resources to support original messaging. Outsourcing some content with an automated feed or subscription-based service from the start is advisable.

Measure Digital Signage Content Audience Interactivity

Audience engagement is the performance indicator of the long-term success of a digital signage network. Digital signage engagement can include consumption and usage of messaging, user-generated content, audience interactions with signs, and other specific communications. Without engaging, relevant content, signage disappears. Once invisible, making them reappear is usually impossible.

Leverage Social Media Intentionally

When an audience glances every time they pass by a display, they are engaged. Leveraging user-generated social media content works well for this purpose. Universally, showing viewers on digital signs excites an audience. From fan-filled stadiums to corporations leveraging social media in display content encourages interactivity and inspires engagement.

Direct Action Specifically

Finally, the call to action is essential. Along with social media interactivity, it serves to measure audience engagement. Moreover, trackable action data and analytics can also help determine the return on investment. An engaging call to action motivates and inspires viewers literally to take a specific action. One last point, please include contact details with digital signage content so that interested viewers can find out more.

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