13 Factors To Consider When Hiring An AV Integrator

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In a recent post entitled Audiovisual Integrator AV Solutions Boost Productivity, Vizual Symphony describes AV integration as “the equipment, software, and applications that make up an audiovisual system.” Going on to explain that, “the audio and visual components that enable a corporation to video conference is audiovisual integration. Another example is the cloud-based whiteboards that allow students and teachers to take class notes collaboratively.” There is one Pasadena AV integrator with the experience to confidently tackle complex AV solutions like these. Since 2001, Vizual Symphony has amassed legions of satisfied clients across many industries. Education, Houses of worship, Museums, Municipalities, and Corporations around Pasadena know where to turn for AV solutions.

What Does a Pasadena AV Integrator Do?

The AV system applications you need to remain competitive today are complex. Each AV solution component requires careful integration. It takes a team of experts with advanced technological knowledge and experience. When you rely on a proven Pasadena AV integrator, like Vizual Symphony, expect the best. Creative AV technology solutions are their specialty. AV integrators in Pasadena commonly handle the following complex tasks.

How To Hire

With the growing number of Pasadena AV integrators, selecting one to work with might seem daunting. After all, hiring an incompetent AV integrator can be devastatingly costly. You stand to lose time and money of course due to project mismanagement. Moreover, AV system integration failures damage brands. Whether the harm is irreparable or not, the last thing you want to do is hire the wrong Pasadena AV integrator. It is an important decision, so how can you make the right choice. You may find numerous audiovisual companies competing to win your business. When selecting an AV integrator, there are thirteen factors to consider.

13 Factors To Consider When Hiring An AV Integrator

  1. Standards:  Do the AV integrators follow and understand industry standards, compliance, and adhere to a responsible code of ethics?
  2. Support: Does the AV integrator in Pasadena provide user-friendly technical support and customer service to ensure continued smooth running?
  3. Knowledge: Does the audio-visual integrator have technological professionals with the depth of knowledge necessary to address your AV needs?
  4. Experience: Does the AV integrator readily provide client testimonials, references, case studies, success stories, and past client reviews?
  5. Protection: How will the audiovisual integrator implement preventative maintenance protocols to protect against and prevent system failures?
  6. Technology: Do the audio-visual integrator’s offerings include access to high-performance technology and equipment?
  7. Testing: How does AV system testing incorporate into the overall AV integration plan?
  8. Training: Are ongoing education and customer training part of their overall audio-visual management plan?
  9. Innovation: Does the AV integrator demonstrate the ability to adapt quickly to innovative solutions when problems arise?
  10. Communication: How open are the lines of communication and direct accessibility between the AV integration contractor and their clients?
  11. Customization: Does the Pasadena AV integrator create customize solutions uniquely suited for their clients?
  12. Affordability: Does this AV integrator supply financing options to ensure the cost-effective use of your AV investment?
  13. Longevity: How long is the record of success for the AV systems integrator?

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Vizual Symphony integrates comprehensive audiovisual solutions. Our custom AV systems are scalable. Because we offer scalable solutions, we make AV affordable for institutions, churches, corporations, museums, and municipalities. We service Pasadena with a suite of audiovisual services. Please contact our team for a consultation.