Vizual Symphony Welcomes Andy Vivanco to the Team

andy-vivancoAndy Vivanco is a highly experienced professional with over two decades of expertise in the field of audiovisual design, technology, and media. In October 2023, he embarked on a new journey as the Audio-Visual Design Consultant at Vizual Symphony, where he is set to make a significant impact.

Having previously served as the executive director of information and media technology at a university, Andy possesses a deep understanding of the intricate audiovisual needs of educational institutions and businesses. Furthermore, his role as the executive producer and founder of Vivanco Studios, an independent media production, publishing, and consultancy company, reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and creative prowess.

In his capacity at Vizual Symphony, Andy’s primary focus is on cultivating partner-level relationships with clients who seek guidance and assistance in audiovisual projects. With a belief in the power of technology to enhance business and learning, he is enthusiastic about collaborating with a company that shares his values and aspirations.

Andy Vivanco’s extensive experience and commitment to leveraging cutting-edge audiovisual technology make him a valuable asset to Vizual Symphony and its clients.