Bose EdgeMax EM180 Loudspeaker in white background.

Bose - Edge Max

Seriously speakers that mount in the ceiling - in the corners, no less, - that have the same or better coverage patterns than in your face wall or hanging speakers. They are truly remarkable engineering feats. Check out the technical jargon (better known as the spec sheet), and better yet call us. We have local installations you can visit to hear and see (or not see) for yourself.

Mersive - Solstice Conference

Solstice at its heart is a wireless gateway powerhouse. With this cool new feature set you will be able to share any video conferencing platform, and bridge to the remote participants who can share and collaborate as if they were in the room. It is also a great "touchless" option because each participant can present and share from their laptop without any common interface germ sharing.

Huddly IQ Camera for Conference Room.

Huddly IQ/Go Cameras

Need a camera that packs a punch without the large size or price tag? These cameras are taking the Hy-Flex installations by storm because they provide genius framing which adapts automatically to focus on the participants in the room with AI (Artificial Intelligence) + a built-in mic all in a small form factor  (1 1/2" w x 2 1/2" l x 1 1/2" h).

 4K Wireless Document Camera

Use the document camera as a teaching webcam, present teaching materials, and interact with students via flexible joints and arms. Conveniently transport the document camera anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. DC-W80 document camera delivers 4K 30fps image quality with 30x total zoom. It can demonstrate detailed images of any objects in real-time.

86”Education Interactive Flat Panel Display

BenQ's RP02 is designed to build an engaging and healthy teaching and learning environment. Installed with proficient cloud features including cloud whiteboard, the RP02 enhances class preparation participation and fosters collaboration beyond locations and platforms. The smart IFP is also packed with advanced air quality sensors, germ-resistant screen, and eye-care solutions, allowing you to learn healthily.