Los Angeles Lecture Capture Outrageously Beneficial For Students

In Los Angeles, Lecture Capture Is Benefiting Students Big Time

Yes, Los Angeles students are taking advantage of lecture capture archives more and more all the time. But, it is not only in LA. The trend is also worldwide and it is gaining ground. Lecture capture has so many benefits for students that its critics may have to press pause, rewind, and, hear students out.

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture capture is the act of recording live in-class lectures as videos and making them available for students to watch after the class. The lecture capture process can involve a variety of software, hardware, and systems. For some, capturing a lecture includes class audio and a slide presentation. At the same time, others may use multiple HD cameras, specialized microphones, and professional lighting. That is why lecture capture solutions vary wildly from classroom to classroom. A successful lecture capture system is set up for students to access archived lectures to review the material presented in class.

How Do Students Use Lecture Capture Recordings?

In 2019, one of the biggest studies on lecture capture to date concluded that although the introduction of lecture capture does lead to reduced class attendance, academics must accept that students see it as a valuable part of the learning experience. The paper, published in Computers & Education, surveyed 1,734 students about their views on lecture capture. Students participating in the survey reported using classroom recordings for:

Why Do Students Use Lecture Capture?

In the same 2019 survey, students report the following reasons they view captured lectures:

How Many Ways Does Lecture Capture Benefits Students?

  1. Reviewing a captured lecture helps students study and retain important concepts and details.
  2. Lecture capture also allows students to view prerequisite recorded material on their own time before class.
  3. Scheduling conflicts are no longer an issue when students can view archived lectures they cannot attend as scheduled. 
  4. Students may review lectures from a remedial class to review fundamentals.
  5. Some classes are available every other term for various reasons. Lecture capture eliminates these constraints with class recordings providing year-round access for all classes.
  6. Lecture capture can preserve a professor’s unique teaching style long after they retire. This enables future generations of students to learn from the best educators.
  7. Students do not need to attend class to benefit from a guest speaker.
  8. Teachers can work remotely with the ability to record a lecture and transmit it to their institution.
  9. Software-based systems for recording can capture lectures anywhere. This helps schools hire the best and brightest without location restrictions.
  10. Professors can teach while doing research or living abroad.
  11. Lecture capture can help keep students on track to graduate on time.
  12. Viewing lectures they miss means students do not miss class falling behind. 
  13. The ability to review lectures for clarity allows students to grasp concepts they do not understand immediately.  This practice results in better comprehension, fewer dropped classes and fewer students lagging behind.
  14. Looking back to understand basic concepts before examinations help students study effectively.

More Amazing Benefits For Students

  1. Institutions can enhance courses for students by providing easy access to recorded supplemental material.
  2. Eliminates the need to drop a class for scheduling issues like illnesses or family emergencies
  3. More students graduate when required classes are always available instead of many classes offered every other year or less often.
  4. Lowers education costs by helping students avoid dropping classes, makeup missed classes, and graduate in less time.
  5. Expand the student base with a way to virtual classes to attend when and where they choose.
  6. Nontraditional students and traditional students have access to the same coursework, whether living on or off-campus.
  7. For students raising children, caring for ailing parents, or balancing other responsibilities, lecture capture offers flexibility to get an education.
  8. The flexible nature of lecture capture also allows students who may have trouble getting to class. This includes those with physical challenges, anxiety, depression, and those without reliable transportation. It also lets students with attendance issues attend remotely and during off-hours. 
  9. More people can further their education by attending a wider selection of institutions and degree programs.
  10. Students are no longer geographically bound and may live far from schools they attend – or not.
  11. A semester abroad can have virtually components.
  12. Educators can share class material to collaborate with other educators and students worldwide.
  13. When their school does not offer a certain class, students can easily take the class at a different institution. Traditionally, taking classes at other institutions presents significant challenges. Recorded class lectures make this a breeze. 
  14. Classes available at other universities or within the broader academic community can expand degree programs with little additional cost
  15. Students and faculty can collaborate across campuses, departments, schools, school systems, and beyond to further their education.

Who Are The Los Angeles Lecture Capture Experts?

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