Video Conferencing: A Viable Alternative to Company Travel?

Is video conferencing really a viable alternative to travel for most companies? Learn how advancements in technology are making collaboration easier than ever.

As a business owner, you are always looking for the most effective and affordable ways to facilitate collaboration between employees. Today’s modern businesses tend to have employees in several different locations—even in different states. Keep reading to determine whether video conferencing is sufficient for meetings and collaborative efforts. Or, perhaps travel is still the better option for you.

What Is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is a way for two or more parties in different locations to meet virtually through computer networks transmitting audio and video data. Sounds techy, and it is! Simply put, a video conference allows people, wherever they may be, to see and hear each other as if they are in the same room. 

Of course, to have a successful video conferencing experience, you need to have the right technology and equipment in place. Many companies attempt this style of conferencing and are disappointed by a lack of quality in audio and video. However, video conferencing done right avoids the common problems you may have experienced with your video meetings.

Avoid the Common Issues with Video Conferencing

Thanks to advances in technology, it’s possible for your business to use the latest in video conferencing to achieve the experience you desire for you and your employees. With the right solutions, you can avoid many common problems that exist with outdated technology, including:

At Vizual Symphony, we help our business clients to make the most of every video conference, so all parties involved can connect with ease. From high-definition audio and video to state-of-the-art equipment and even training for your employees on how to use the equipment, you can count on video conferencing to be a viable alternative to travel for your employees and clients. 

Save Money on Employee Travel with Video Conferencing

Paying for employees to travel for essential meetings is a drain on your company budget. By investing in customized video conferencing solutions, you can have everything you need to facilitate a meeting with two people or several people—no matter where they are.

Have a last-minute meeting? It’s nearly impossible and undoubtedly cost-prohibitive to get long-distance employees there to make it happen. You could go looking for last minute flights. Or you could connect through video conferencing in minutes to take care of business. 

Video Conferencing Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Does your company avoids using video conferencing because you aren’t sure how it all works? Or you know your equipment is outdated? You have options. You don’t have to settle with technology from the mid-2000s, even if you have a tight budget. Finally, you can work with a company that offers affordable, comprehensive video conferencing solutions. That way you can get everything you need to bring your technology up-to-date. 

You don’t have time to research all of the options. Further, you certainly don’t want to have to figure out how to manage the installation and operation of all new equipment and software. You have enough on your plate with day-to-day business tasks. Instead, find a trusted provider for your video conferencing solutions. Therefore, you can get what you need easily and for a price that works with your budget.

The Right Video Conferencing Solution Can Replace Employee Travel

At Vizual Symphony, we’ve been helping companies like yours to implement customized video conferencing solutions for more than 30 years. We’ve experienced all of the many changes in technology over the years. We’ve been at the forefront through it all.  

We specialize in helping our clients become leaders in their respective industries. Let us help you to advance in your industry, getting recognition from employees, clients, and attracting more business than ever. Furthermore, with the right video conferencing, you will be more productive and profitable. Plus, you will save money on employee and client travel. You’ll also experience better collaboration than ever before. 

The beauty of our video conferencing solutions is that we handle all the details. We help you to determine what you need. Then, we’ll help you find the equipment that is right for your space. In short, we deliver full-service solutions to meet your video conferencing goals. We are also there for you to offer maintenance and support along the way.

Affordable Video Conferencing Solutions Take Your Business to the Next Level

Don’t let your competitors pass you by. One thing is sure. Video conferencing is necessary for any company that wants to remain competitive in today’s market. 

Not all companies can afford to pay upfront for everything necessary to achieve effective video conferencing. However, when you choose Vizual Symphony, we make it possible with our Audio Visual as a Service program called Vizual Shield. Through this program, you can get everything you need for your video conferencing. That includes consultation, hardware, personalization, installation, support, and much more. Even better, you get it all for one convenient monthly payment that comes out of your operating budget.

Is video conferencing really a viable alternative to travel for most companies? The answer is YES. Connect with our team of audiovisual experts at Vizual Symphony online now. Learn more about our customized video conferencing solutions, or to schedule a consultation.